How’s your book coming?

Ah, the ever present question in writing circles: How's the current project coming along? Whether you're working on an initial draft or revision number (enter ridiculous number here - in my case anyway), fellow writers and basically anyone to whom you've mentioned that you're working on a book want to know how things are going.... Continue Reading →

Thanks for the memories

We're gathered around the small backyard fire, fingers spread to absorb its warmth, and I watch as a woman's childhood crinkles colorfully in the flames. Stick figure families, die cut snowmen, grade school report cards. One by one licked by fire and turned to ash that floats above our heads like burnt snow. What made... Continue Reading →

Row, row, row your boat…

...not so gently into the swimming area. I spent this past weekend at cub scout camp with my youngest son and a handful of other scouts and their parents. The weather was great, our boys had a blast, and I thoroughly enjoyed having someone else cook, serve, and clean up after me at every meal.... Continue Reading →

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