Different kinds of smart

Oh, technology. I want to embrace you, but sometimes you frustrate me so.

Today’s mission: forward progress on the whole marketing thing. Let’s start with updating the blog. Link all of my accounts together. Easy-peasy.

Or not.

There may have been some yelling and shaking of fists. Possibly a curse word or two. I think the problem with all of this is I do not consider myself tech-savvy, despite the fact that I am often the go-to person at work for such things, and I am most definitely not a visual person. Which you may have guessed from the lack of photos and other visual elements on my blog.

Remember back in the day when Gardner’s multiple intelligences was a thing? His theory is that there are seven (and eventually nine when he added naturalistic and existential) types of learners, and we all fall in one or more categories. We are all different kinds of smart. He was at the height of educational popularity during my time as an undergrad, and I did a whole bulletin board lesson complete with student self-assessments and tips on how to maximize your learning style. So of course I took the self-assessment and -SHOCK- came out a logical/linguistic learner with musical undertones. Translation: I’m good at reading and math, and can parody just about any song. My lowest scores were in spatial and interpersonal. Translation: I can’t read a map or interact normally with others.

Here I am, faced with the challenge to create something visually appealing that will encourage people to support me as an author.

You can see why I feel a tad uncomfortable. Give me a book or a math problem and I will read/analyze/solve it. When I need to memorize information, I set it to music or create word-links. Ask me to navigate out of a parking lot downtown and successfully find my way back home? Not even with the lady in my phone telling me which way to go. (Side note, this is why I hate when my dad gives directions and asks me to “picture it”.) Put me in a party setting and expect me to make clever conversation? Maybe after a drink. Just one. Two drinks and I’m challenging my husband’s co-worker to a push-up contest. True story.

So how do we work through something that involves our weaker intelligences? You don’t need to subscribe to Gardner’s theory to know that there are things you do well, and things that make you want to shake your fist angrily. Focus on what you do well. Use that to the fullest, and then call in reinforcements. I have friends that are amazing at website development and making things visually appealing. These friends will be hearing from me. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. And most importantly, don’t give up. I eventually figured out how to link my other sites and update the blog widgets. I even joined Instagram, despite my fear of its visual focus.

We can’t change our fundamental makeup–I frequently clam up and/or embarrass myself in public no matter how hard I try not to–but we can embrace who we are and figure out how to work through our challenges. That being said, I WILL have my website up and running by the end of the month. And I’d love feedback/suggestions on the new blog design (updated cover photo coming soon).


2 thoughts on “Different kinds of smart

    1. It’s a more expanded idea of the four basic learning styles. We took all sorts of surveys back in college – and I’ve subjected hubby to many of them also. Perks of being with a ed major, lol!


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